Thursday August 13 through Sunday the 16th
Visit with UP Local Authors.
  • Karl Bohnak
  • Jerry Harju
  • Larry Buege
  • Gretchen Preston
  • Tyler Tichelaar
  • Bob Dobson
  • Books by Ben Mukkala
  • and a few othershttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnyd41aPy1M
Copper Empire A Novel about the Copper Country Labor Strike in 1913

Copper Empire

I am giving several historical presentations at U.P. libraries next week.  Come and learn more about the 1913 copper mining labor strike and how it led to a tragedy on Christmas Eve in Michigan’s Copper Country.  This is a 40 minute PowerPoint presentation with a book signing to follow.  I will be selling my book, Copper Empire and my grandfather’s book, Wild Empire (both historical fiction).

  • Monday, July 20th at 7pm – St. Ignace Public Library
  • Tuesday, July 21st at 6:30pm – Tahquamenon Area Public Library (Newberry)
  • Wednesday, July 22nd at 5pm – Munising Public Library
  • Thursday, July 23rd at 6:30pm – Portage Lake District Library (Houghton)

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Willpower, a play by Tyler Tichealaar

Willpower, a play by Tyler Tichealaar

Book and DVD of Popular Local Play Willpower Now Available

 Marquette, MI, June 19, 2015—When Will S. Adams was diagnosed with ossification, a mysterious disease that caused his tissues to harden until he became nearly a living statue, he refused to quit living life fully and was immensely productive. Now the original play Willpower, which translated his life story to the stage, is available as a book and a DVD.

In September 2014, Marquette’s Kaufman Auditorium was packed with people who came out to see the story of Will S. Adams translated to the stage, much as the Marquette Opera House was packed in 1906 with people who came to see his original operetta Miss D.Q. Pons. Born in 1878, Will was the adopted son of Marquette businessman Sidney Adams and his wife Harriet. He grew up in the sandstone mansion at 200 E. Ridge St., played baseball, and sang in the boys choir at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Then a strange disease began to stiffen Will’s legs and work its way up his body until he lost the use of his limbs, became bedridden, and eventually lost his eyesight before his early death at age thirty-one. Through it all, Will never lost his sense of humor, his energy, or his determination to make the most of every minute. In his short life, he ran his own newspaper, wrote poetry, drew cartoons, and composed the operetta Miss D.Q. Pons with Norma Ross, a local music teacher and his close friend, who also starred in the production. Will’s spirit of perseverance would attract countless admirers, including a Detroit Free Press reporter and the famous actress Lillian Russell.

In 2013, the Marquette Regional History Center hired local novelist Tyler Tichelaar to write a play and bring Will Adams’ story to the stage. The MRHC produced Willpower with the aid of a major grant from the Michigan Humanities Council and grants from the Marquette Community Foundation and Upper Peninsula Health Plan. The play was directed by Moire Embley, with Jeff Bruning as musical director. It starred many local actors and included period music. Filled with humor, romance, dreams, and faith, Willpower was received with standing ovations by audiences, and The Mining Journal’s reviewer said, “Will’s is an interesting and inspiring story to all and deserves to be told and retold.”

“Many people have expressed a desire to see the play again,” said Tichelaar, “and while I hope it will someday return to the stage, I wanted to release a book version to tell more of the history behind the play and allow Will’s story to continue to inspire us.” The newly released book includes the entire script of the play, photos from the original production, sheet music of songs from the performance, numerous historical photographs, extensive commentary on the history behind the play, and an essay by director Moire Embley.

The book version of Willpower is now available in local bookstores and gift shops and online through Tichelaar’s website at www.MarquetteFiction.com. A DVD of the original performance is also available at the Marquette Regional History Center’s gift shop.

About the Author

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., is a seventh generation Marquette resident devoted to capturing the past through his books. He is the author of the popular history book My Marquette and nine novels, including The Marquette Trilogy and The Children of Arthur series. In writing Willpower, Tichelaar grew to feel a special kinship with Will Adams, who shared his passion for literature, and with Norma Ross, who was friends with his great-grandmother.


breakingfree2Tamara Lauder is the author and illustrator of a new inspirational book.  Breaking Free Too: Taking a Flight With a Butterfly Toward Self-Discovery is a powerful pictorial book appropriate for anyone struggling to discover their true self. Each page is filled with symbolic artwork, interpretive titles, and accompanying short text that address the journey of life, the influences that affect how we see ourselves and the decisions we make, the obstacles we face throughout life, and the help available to us.

Using the butterfly as an allegory, the author stimulates you to ask and answer difficult questions for yourself, with a goal of helping you unlock your own mystery, break free from what binds you, and find greater fulfillment in life.

The book is available by contacting Tamara Lauder at bike123@frontier.com or 715-358-5687.

Paperback $24.99
ISBN: 978-0-9860829-0-0
Publisher: Turtleye Publishing (2015)
8.5×11 – PB – 64 pages

Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program

Presentation for Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association
Jim Jackson
30 May 2015


Kindle Scout is American Idol meets Amazon. It opened its doors at the end of October 2014. Readers are able to “nominate” preselected titles.

Kindle Press (a new Amazon imprint) offers a contract with $1,500 advance on royalties for Kindle ebook and Audible audio book. Print rights stay with author. Offer is based in part on reader nominations during a 30-day period while your book is eligible.

Fiction Only, specifically Romance, Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense, Science fiction &Fantasy, Literature and Fiction (added 3/2015 and includes contemporary fiction, action and adventure, and historical fiction)

Readers who nominate a successful book receive a free ebook of their nomination

Turnaround time between submission and contract is less than 45 days

Publication between six weeks and three months after selection.

Read Jim Jackson’s complete presentation as a PDF file

2015-05-30 Kindle Scout for UPPAA

Peter White Public Library

Peter White Public Library

2015 UPPAA Conference – Saturday, May 30, 2015 – Peter White Public Library, Marquette, MI

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  • 10:00-10:30 – Registration
  • 10:30-10:45 – Opening Remarks
  • 10:45 – 11:45 – Creating and Operating a Successful Publishing Company – Lloyd Wescoat and Laura Smyth
  • 11:45-12:45 The Kindle Scout Program – Jim Jackson
  • 12:45 – 1:45 Lunch, Activity, and Election of New Board
  • 1:45-2:45 Creating Marketing Success – Diana Oman
  • 2:45 – 3:45 Working with a Traditional Publisher vs. Self-Publishing – Sonny Longtine and Karl Bohnak
  • 3:45 – 4:45 Being a Freelance Writer – Sam and Kim Eggleston


Creating and Operating a Successful Marketing Company

Lloyd Wescoat and Laura Smyth, two of the three partners of Mudminnow Press, will discuss how to set up your own publishing company, the importance of relying upon the individual strengths of the partners, and the art of book design. Laura will also discuss her involvement with Mudminnow and Thimblerry Presses and her experiences with other publishers.

The Kindle Scout Program – Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson, who recently won a contest to have his book published through the Kindle Scout program, will discuss: (1) The genesis of Kindle Scout (2) the key components of the contract if you win (3) the process of applying (4) What he did to win and tips he’s gathered from others that weren’t applicable to him (5) what happens after the win including the editing process (6) how that compares to a standard publishing contract (7) results of books published in the first three months—by genre, over time (8) comparison of results for the various genres, and (9) What he’s gleaned from fellow Kindle Press authors. If time permits, Jim will also discuss: (1) Kindle WriteOn relative to Wattpad (2) how to combine self-publishing printed books with a Kindle Press contract, and (3) whether (and what) Amazon does about Audible books.

Working with a Traditional Publisher vs. Self-Publishing – Sonny Longtine and Karl Bohnak

Tyler Tichelaar will interview Sonny Longtine and Karl Bohnak about their experiences in both self-publishing books as well as being traditionally published. Topics will include the pros and cons of both types of publishing including artistic license, editing, research, royalties and copyright issues, and personal opinions on which form of publishing is preferred by each.

The New ABC’s of Successful Marketing – Diana Oman

“Selling your book can be easy and even fun!” Are you open to believing this statement? Are you willing to choose to think differently? Diana Oman, author of My Heart Smiles, a positive and uplifting ABC book for the kid in all of us (released in March 2014) has successfully “unplugged” from the “shoulds” of conventional marketing. She will share her unique perspectives and offer three top marketing “tools” that have made her heart smile.

Being a Freelance Writer – Sam and Kim Eggleston

The husband-and-wife team will talk about how they’ve developed careers as freelance writers and editors based in the U.P. Discussion will include working for magazines and online publications, how to pitch to and work with editors, adapting writing skills to different publications, and using social media and networking to develop as a freelancer.

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