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NMUAs you might or might not know, the NMU bookstore was recently acquired by the Barnes & Noble chain.  As such, a complete changeout of inventory was made, leaving some local authors in doubt of whether they could be stocked (again).  Tyler writes:

I have followed up with the NMU bookstore and they do want to carry local books. They are still working it out, but if you want to contact Paul Wright there, he can get you set up. He’ll need a list of your books with the retail and wholesale prices and then he’ll arrange to get you into the B&N system by having B&N send you a vendor application. I returned my vendor app last week and am still waiting for the bookstore to place an actual order with me, but the process is hopefully moving along.

They want 40% as a discount which is standard for most stores.

Just call the NMU bookstore and ask for Paul Wright. The number is 906-227-2480. They are on summer hours right now, so call between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


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Snowbound Books

Snowbound Books

Join us Saturday, April 30th from 10am to 6pm at Snowbound Books (118 North 3rd Street, Marquette, MI) as we celebrate Independent Bookstore Day.

Over 400 bookstores across the nation celebrated independence from the Amazons and Big Boxes of the world last year.  Now it’s time to do it again.  This annual event is our opportunity to say thank you to everyone who doesn’t just keep us surviving, but thriving.  We’re beyond grateful for all of you, and we want to see your beautiful faces on a (hopefully) beautiful day.

This year, to commemorate our late friend and author Jim Harrison, we’ll be locking the door promptly at 6pm to celebrate his life in a toast.  We know many of you have stories of him and this toast is for us to cheer his prolific and intrepid life in a way he would appreciate.

Why put indies first?  We provide something we’re positive you can’t get online and we consider you all our friends.  We want you to leave with the best book for you, because we’re happy to see you.



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UPPAA Logo, Square, Centered

Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA)

Top 10 Benefits of Special-Sales (Non-Bookstore) Marketing

1.         Compete in a marketplace larger in size than the bookstore segment

2.         Experience sales growth that is virtually limitless

3.         Take your books to potential buyers – don’t wait for them to go to a bookstore

4.         Reduce your competition – most publishers do not call on these buyers

5.         Minimize discounting since many buyers have no quick access to competitive pricing

6.         Sell books on a non-returnable basis

7.         Get more efficient and effective exposure

8.         Increase your flexibility in negotiations

9.         Improve your profitability

10.       You do what you do best – publish and sell more books

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Lee LaForge, Book World Marquette

Lee LaForge, Book World Marquette

Working with a Bookstore

Lee LaForge, manager of the Marquette Book World, will share how bookstores decide what books to carry, how you can work with bookstores to get your book in the inventory, ordering and payment policies, book signings, and why customers may choose your book over another, or not.

Click here to play the presentation using the Bandcamp Player

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Hi Everyone,
Snowbound Books

Snowbound Books

In case any of you don’t know yet, Snowbound Books in Marquette is changing hands. Longtime owner, Ray Nurmi, has sold the store to longtime employee Dana Schultz.

There will be a party at Snowbound this Saturday, April 20 from 3-6pm for everyone who wants to come celebrate, congratulate Ray on his retirement, and congratulate Dana on her new ownership.

For more information, you can visit Snowbound’s website: www.snowboundbooks.com

The Marquette Monthly also has a wonderful article about the matter at http://www.mmnow.com/mm_archive_folder/13/1303/locals.html

Maybe I’ll see some of you at the party.

Tyler Tichelaar

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