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Landmark-Hotel-Marquette-U.P.-Winter-2014-13UPPAA Spring 2018 Meeting

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at the Landmark Inn.  Sessions will be in the Harbor Room (basement) and the Board Room (1st Floor)

Conference Schedule

  • 10:00 – 10:30 – Registration in the Harbor Room
  • 10:30 – 10:45 – Welcome and Opening remarks in the Harbor Room
  • 10:45 – 11:45 – Keynote, Steve Lehto, “From Unagented Queries to a Dozen Books with Five Different Publishers,” Harbor Room
  • 11:45 – 12:45   Two tracks to choose from:
    (A) Carrie Pearson, “Children’s Book Industry 101: Terms, Conventions, How it Works, and How We Get Paid,” Harbor Room
    (B) Felicia Schneiderhan, “Open a Vein: The Art of Memoir in Today’s Culture,” Board Room
  • 12:45 – 1:30 Lunch
  • 1:30 – 2:00 Business Meeting – including drawing, release of UP Reader, and presentation of short story contest awards, Harbor Room
  • 2:15 – 3:15  Two tracks to choose from:
    (A) Naomi Rawlings, “Life-Altering Surprises, Annoying Sisters, and Running from Danger: Using Various Forms of Conflict to Keep Readers Addicted to your Novel,” Harbor Room
    (B) Janeen Rastall, “The Quest for Your Best: A Poetry Workshop” Board Room (projector)
  • 3:15 – 4:15 Two tracks to choose from:
    (A) Susan Rosemurgy, “The Gift of Reading: A Book-Binding Workshop,” Board Room
    (B) Vickie Fee: “How to Write a Mystery in 10 Agonizing Steps”
  • 4:15 – 5:00 – Networking and Clean Up

Session Descriptions

Keynote — Steve Lehto: From Unagented Queries to a Dozen Books With Five Different Publishers

Steve Lehto is an attorney and writer whose family is from the Copper Country. He has written several books about Michigan and automotive history among other topics. Death’s Door: The Truth Behind Michigan’s Largest Mass Murder, Michigan’s Columbus: The Life of Douglass Houghton, Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation, and Preston Tucker and His Battle to Build the Car of Tomorrow, were all named Michigan Notable Books by the Library of Michigan. Along with the dozen or so books he has written, he writes frequently for others such as Mopar Action magazine and Road and Track.com. In his presentation, he will discuss how he went from being an unpublished author to having a dozen books published by four different publishers (and picked up an agent along the way). Highlights of his talk will include how he writes, where his book ideas have come from (and how to tell the good ideas from the bad), how he sold his first books without an agent, and how it happened to be that Jay Leno wrote the forewords to two of his books.

Susan Rosemurgy: The Gift of Reading:A Book-Binding Workshop

In this hands-on workshop we will explore different book-binding techniques and themes. Everyone will have the tools and materials to make and take their own book nested in origami boxes to then give the gift of reading.

Susan Rosemurgy is an author, illustrator, and art teacher. She teaches at Calumet High School in the Copper Country. Her work includes Copper Country Stories, now in its 2nd edition, and her latest book U.P. Stories (both from Mudminnow Press). These books invite readers to add and share their stories about life around the Great Lakes within the pages and pockets of the books. In her quest to connect people to art and stories she has also designed a series of book-making kits that she has produced. In this interactive session she will lead participants in her unique approach to making books with the first in the series of book-making kits, Tablespoon Books in Boxes. Everyone will have the tools and materials to make and take their own book nested in origami boxes to then give the gift of reading. Learn more about her work at her website: susanrosemurgy.com

Janeen Pergrin Rastall: The Quest for Your Best: A Poetry Workshop

This poetry workshop will discuss writing techniques: how to get past the white space, where to go from your first draft and when to give your work a rest. Revision techniques will be presented from poets: William Stafford, Jack Ridl and the presenter, Janeen Pergrin Rastall. Feel free to bring a poem in need of repair.

Janeen Pergrin Rastall is the author of In the Yellowed House (dancing girl press, 2014) and Objects May Appear Closer (Celery City Chapbooks, 2015). She is a co-author of True Companions (Gordon Publications, 2017) and Heart Radicals (About Editions, 2018). She has been nominated multiple times for the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net Award.

Carrie Pearson: Children’s Book Industry 101: Terms, Conventions, How it Works, and How We Get Paid

This is a nuts and bolts session for writers and writer/illustrators to learn how the children’s book industry works. Topics include: standards for traditional publishing (formatting, word counts for categories, conventions, what’s pushy, what’s polite), how the industry works (role of agent vs. editor, publishing houses and what they offer, large house vs. small vs. regional), and how we get paid (advance, royalties). Session includes Q&A and a handout.

Carrie Pearson grew up as a troll but after 22 years in Marquette, can’t imagine living anywhere else. She feels that being a children’s book author represents the best merger of her education, occupations, and passion. She holds a BA in early childhood education, taught at University of Michigan’s preschool and then moved into the business world for 15+ years. She is now a full-time writer for children and owner of a consulting business in the children’s book industry that focuses on preparing writers to connect with the right agent and/or editors. She is a regional advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is represented by Kelly Sonnack at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Her first two books were published by Arbordale and are nature nonfiction picture books. Her third launches October 2018 with Charlesbridge and is also a nature nonfiction picture book about the world’s tallest tree. Her next projects are a picture book biography and a nonfiction picture book survey of real-life princesses. Carrie would love to connect with you on Twitter @carrieapearson, Pinterest carrieapearson, and at her website http://www.carriepearsonbooks.com.

Felicia Schneiderhan: Open a Vein: The Art of Memoir in Today’s Culture

The quote “Writing is easy: All you do is open a vein and bleed” is attributed to number of famous writers. Whoever actually said it – they may very well have been a memoir writer. Felicia’s presentation will trace some paths of memoir writing today: How to write it (when to spill your guts and when to protect your truth); and where to publish (and even make some cash). Felicia will also discuss the writing process—schedules, writing groups, workshops, and conferences—and read excerpts from her work.

Felicia Schneiderhan is the author of the memoir Newlyweds Afloat: Married Bliss and Mechanical Breakdowns While Living on a Trawler. Her shorter memoir pieces appear in Real Simple, Lake Superior Magazine, and many anthologies and literary journals. She currently writes from her home in Duluth, where she lives with her Yooper husband Mark and three tsunamis who always seem to find the closet she’s writing in. www.feliciaschneiderhan.com

Naomi Rawlings: Life-Altering Surprises, Annoying Sisters, and Running from Danger: Using Various Forms of Conflict to Keep Readers Addicted to Your Novel

When editors, agents, or readers pick up your book, do they find themselves submersed in a story that they can’t put down? This workshop on conflict covers everything from making sure the central conflict is strong enough to sustain a novel-length plot, to starting your story in the right place, to using micro-tension to both keep your book riveting during smaller scenes and relate to your readers.

Naomi Rawlings is the author of ten historical Christian novels, including the Amazon bestselling Eagle Harbor Series. She first started writing in 2008, and to date, her books include four traditionally published novels and six self-published novels. She has been nominated for two Christian publishing awards, enjoys coaching other writers, and moonlights as a novel editor once in a while. She lives with her husband and three children in the Copper Country.

Vickie Fee: How to Write a Mystery in 10 Agonizing Steps

This session will look at the basic elements and structure of the traditional mystery, including: the engaging detective, the body drop, suspicious characters, clues and red herrings, whodunit—and the big payoff.

Vickie Fee is author of the Liv & Di in Dixie cozy mystery series. Her latest release is Til Death Do Us Party.


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Snowbound Books

Snowbound Books

Join us Saturday, April 30th from 10am to 6pm at Snowbound Books (118 North 3rd Street, Marquette, MI) as we celebrate Independent Bookstore Day.

Over 400 bookstores across the nation celebrated independence from the Amazons and Big Boxes of the world last year.  Now it’s time to do it again.  This annual event is our opportunity to say thank you to everyone who doesn’t just keep us surviving, but thriving.  We’re beyond grateful for all of you, and we want to see your beautiful faces on a (hopefully) beautiful day.

This year, to commemorate our late friend and author Jim Harrison, we’ll be locking the door promptly at 6pm to celebrate his life in a toast.  We know many of you have stories of him and this toast is for us to cheer his prolific and intrepid life in a way he would appreciate.

Why put indies first?  We provide something we’re positive you can’t get online and we consider you all our friends.  We want you to leave with the best book for you, because we’re happy to see you.



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Peter White Public Library

Peter White Public Library

2016 UPPAA Conference – Saturday, June 18th, 2016 – Peter White Public Library, Marquette, MI

Click here to register!

2016 Annual UPPAA Conference Schedule

  • 10:00-10:30 Registration
  • 10:30-10:45 Opening Remarks by President Tyler Tichelaar
  • 10:45-11:45 Keynote: Judith Briles – Creating Confidence as a Writer and Author
  • 11:45-12:45 Sessions
    Community Room: Aimée Bisonette – Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Authors
    Shiras Room: Helen Haskell Remien – In Praise of the Handcrafted Life: Writing as Process
  • 12:45-1:05 Activity with Gretchen Preston
  • 1:05-1:45 Lunch
  • 1:45-2:00 Business Meeting
  • 2:00-3:00 Sessions
    Community Room: Judith Briles – Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins Authors Commit in Book Publishing Today
    Shiras Room: Debbie Frontiera – IRS Record Keeping 101 for Authors
  • 3:00-4:00 Sessions
    Community Room: If Publishing Is in Your Midst…Which Option is for You and Your Book?
    Shiras Room: Book Selling Across the UP – Larry Buege, Lloyd Wescoat, and Aimée Bisonette
  • 4:00-4:30 Networking and Clean Up

Session Descriptions – in order of presentation

Creating Confidence as an Author & Writer

Judith Briles

Based on the best-selling book, The Confidence Factor—Cosmic Gooses Lay Golden Eggs, writers and authors will learn that confidence is acquired, not inherited; and it usually comes from the pitfalls—the cosmic gooses—of the writing life. Woven around the 6 Steps to Building Confidence, this stimulating and humorous speech is guaranteed to motivate and inspire audiences. With confidence, anything is possible. This keynote/general session has consistently received outstanding evaluations.

Bio: Judith is an innovative and creative writing coach, book coach, and how to get published expert who can expertly assist you with your book and publishing project. She has mentored up and coming authors and publishers for years and dedicated untold hours to educating others to the pitfalls, and joys, of the publishing world. In 2009, she created AuthorU(niversity), a membership organization that is designed for serious authors who want to be seriously successful. Judith chaired the first Writers Conference for the National Speakers Association and started its Writing and Publishing PEG with over 700 members. The Author U group on LinkedIn alone has 10,000 members.

She is past president of several publishing associations and has chaired several publishing conferences including the AuthorU Extravaganza held annually. She writes The Book Shepherd segment for the BookMarketing.com newsletter and numerous columns, along with leading her popular Publishing Salons. Her latest book (#33) is The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers. It joins Snappy Sassy Salty … Wise Words for Authors and Writers. Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms was published in March of 2013 and has won multiple national awards including the Indie Excellence Award, International Book Award, Beverly Hills Book Award, IPPY Award in the Publishing/Writing category and was the Publishing writing Book of the Year in the IndieFab awards sponsored by Foreword Reviews. Her books are also #1 bestsellers on Amazon.

In Praise of the Handcrafted Life: Writing as Process

Helen Haskell Remien

Books don’t arrive fully formed, polished and bound—they spring up from our creative depths, perhaps at first as a seed of an idea or a not-quite-focused storyline or a piece of a poem or essay. And they take root, day by day, week by week, year by year as we devote time to our craft. Each one of us moves forward on our projects in our unique way, and each project we complete has a different story of its creation. I find this process fascinating and inspiring — it is where the juice is, not in the polished product but in the handcrafted practice that brought this product to fruition. This presentation is a celebration and examination of process, the process of well-known writers, my writing buddies, and my own process for the various projects that I have completed.

Bio information

Helen Haskell Remien lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she and her husband Cam raised their two sons. She received her MA in creative writing from Northern Michigan University and has published a chapbook of poems, Diving Down, a full-length manuscript of poetry, Wild Ground, a memoir, Ebb & Flow, a book on grandparenthood, Viren, and a hand-bound book of essays, Mystery Trip. A book of essays and poems, I’m Not Too Much For Me!!!, will be published this year. Presently, she teaches yoga and creativity workshops, and owns and operates Joy Center, a creative sanctuary for the community.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Authors

Aimée Bissonette

In this interactive session, attorney Aimée Bissonette will answer questions about the legal and practical issues confronting writers—particularly writers exploring self-publishing and small press publishing (e.g. collaboration agreements, key deal terms in small press and self-publishing contracts, vendor contract issues, copyright registration). Discussion is encouraged, so bring your questions!

BIO: Aimée has worked as a lawyer, teacher, and writer since 1987. She helps her clients make smart decisions about licensing their creative works. Her published picture books include “North Woods Girl” (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2015) and “Miss Colfax’s Light” (Sleeping Bear Press, 2016). She is also the author of “Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms” (Corwin Press 2009) and a contributing author to the 2015 Guide to Self-Publishing (Writer’s Digest Books, 2015).

Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins
Authors Commit in Book Publishing Today

Judith Briles

Authors (and Writers who publish books) routinely embrace the 7 Deadly Sins of Book Publishing. Learn what they are and how to avoid them. If a close encounter occurs, what steps can be taken to get out of publishing quicksand and survive.

IRS Record Keeping 101

Deborah Frontiera

How many cookies can you “snitch” from the cookie jar before somebody notices? It’s tricky knowing how much you can deduct for your writing business without sending “red flags” to the IRS. Deborah K. Frontiera’s daughter, a CPA and her “tax expert”, has taught her a lot over the years about what records to keep, what you can deduct and how much, when you need to fill out 1099s, etc. She’ll share these tips on how to keep all your ducks in a row with interested UPPAA members.

BIO: Deborah K. Frontiera has been a member of UPPAA for many years. While she does not live in the U.P. full time (she still lives in Houston, TX 9 months of the year) that’s where her heart is. Two of her books are entirely U.P. and her book of nature poems is “mostly” U.P. The rest all have at least a “hint” somewhere. She files sales tax in both Michigan and Texas. She’s been UPPAA’s newsletter editor for several years.

If Publishing Is in Your Midst…Which Option Is for You and Your Book?

Judith Briles

Amazon changed the publishing field—a great thing for so many newbie authors who didn’t think a New York publisher or an agent would ever give them a moment’s notice…and it’s also not so good a thing.

Does it make sense to seek a traditional publishing contract?

What are the differences between traditional, self, independent, paid-to-publishing, hybrid and vanity publishing?

This in-depth Master Workshop will identify a variety of options for today’s author.

Publishing continues to morph…

  • Do you know what your options are?
  • Have you created your Author’s Platform?
  • What about a Book Platform?
  • Do you know how to avoid the publishing predators?
  • Do you know who they are?
  • Do you know the dollars and sense of publishing?
  • Do you know that a book, the right book, can accelerate your career and skyrocket revenues?
  • Do you know which publishing option is the right fit for you and your book?

Book Marketing Across the U.P.

Author Panel: Larry Buege, Lloyd Wescoat, Aimée Bissonette

Getting a book to press is hard work, but placing it in the hands of readers can be a staggering experience. Lloyd Wescoat will provide some rules of the road when approaching bookstore owners and will offer suggestions to leverage connections in your local community.

Larry Buege will discuss the advantages of a U.P. bookstore and craft shop database. (See http://Larrybuege.com/bookstores.html). The database will contain contact information as well as comments from authors who have used these bookstores. The database will have embedded code to thwart search engines and protect listed e-mail addresses and individuals from excessive spam. The web site is non-searchable. Access will be by word-of-mouth and shared with all who need to know.

Aimée will be speaking as an author who worked with a number of “partners,” each with their own areas of expertise, to increase her book’s visibility and sales. These partners include the publicity and sales reps at her publisher, a creative and hard working independent bookseller, and Winding Oak—a literary services entity that builds websites, designs and produces book related marketing materials, and uses unique approaches (like “buzz breakfasts”) to get books into the hands of strong advocates.

Click here to register!

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Peter White Public Library

Peter White Public Library

Workshop Description

Who: Jill Darling, workshop leader. See bio below

What: Building Hope Writing Workshop: Personal Writing, Community, and Citizenship

Class is limited to first 20 registered participants. A waiting list will be kept in case of cancellations

When: Saturday, February 20, 2016 from 12:00-4:00pm

Where: Peter White Public Library Shiras room, Upper level of the library.

Cost: no charge but donations to the library are always gratefully accepted.

How: To register call Margaret at 906-226-4318 or email mboyle@pwpl.info

 In this workshop we will begin with some conversation around the essays in Section 6 of The Impossible Will Take a Little While and discuss connections between personal experience, writing, and social engagement. We’ll practice our own essay writing by reading some additional short pieces of creative personal nonfiction and talk about how to turn personal experiences and interests into strong and evocative pieces of writing. We’ll also further consider possibilities for writing as social action in the world. Participants need not have prior experience with creative or essay writing but simply be willing to share and learn. Ideas and examples from previous sections of The Impossible Will Take a Little While will be welcome.


Jill Darling has authored the poetry collections: Solve For (BlazeVOX, ebooks) and begin with may: a series of moments (Finishing Line Press) and two collaborative chapbooks with poets Laura Wetherington and Hannah Ensor. She’s also had poems, essays and short fiction published in journals including /NORAufgabe580 SplitQuarter After EightPhoebefactorial, and Denver Quarterly. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State, a Ph.D. in Twentieth Century American Literature and Culture Studies from Wayne State, and has been teaching creative and academic writing, and literature classes, for over 15 years at universities including Eastern Michigan and University of Michigan-Dearborn. More information and links to work online can be found at http://jilldarling.com.


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Join us in celebrating the life of Pat Ryan O’Day, former owner of the Marquette Monthly

Sunday September 6th, 2015 from 4:00 – 6:00pm at Frazier’s Boat House, 270 N. Lakeshore, Marquette, MI.  Parking on Lower Harbor or McCarty’s Cove.

RSVP 906-226-2800.


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Willpower, a play by Tyler Tichealaar

Willpower, a play by Tyler Tichealaar

Book and DVD of Popular Local Play Willpower Now Available

 Marquette, MI, June 19, 2015—When Will S. Adams was diagnosed with ossification, a mysterious disease that caused his tissues to harden until he became nearly a living statue, he refused to quit living life fully and was immensely productive. Now the original play Willpower, which translated his life story to the stage, is available as a book and a DVD.

In September 2014, Marquette’s Kaufman Auditorium was packed with people who came out to see the story of Will S. Adams translated to the stage, much as the Marquette Opera House was packed in 1906 with people who came to see his original operetta Miss D.Q. Pons. Born in 1878, Will was the adopted son of Marquette businessman Sidney Adams and his wife Harriet. He grew up in the sandstone mansion at 200 E. Ridge St., played baseball, and sang in the boys choir at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Then a strange disease began to stiffen Will’s legs and work its way up his body until he lost the use of his limbs, became bedridden, and eventually lost his eyesight before his early death at age thirty-one. Through it all, Will never lost his sense of humor, his energy, or his determination to make the most of every minute. In his short life, he ran his own newspaper, wrote poetry, drew cartoons, and composed the operetta Miss D.Q. Pons with Norma Ross, a local music teacher and his close friend, who also starred in the production. Will’s spirit of perseverance would attract countless admirers, including a Detroit Free Press reporter and the famous actress Lillian Russell.

In 2013, the Marquette Regional History Center hired local novelist Tyler Tichelaar to write a play and bring Will Adams’ story to the stage. The MRHC produced Willpower with the aid of a major grant from the Michigan Humanities Council and grants from the Marquette Community Foundation and Upper Peninsula Health Plan. The play was directed by Moire Embley, with Jeff Bruning as musical director. It starred many local actors and included period music. Filled with humor, romance, dreams, and faith, Willpower was received with standing ovations by audiences, and The Mining Journal’s reviewer said, “Will’s is an interesting and inspiring story to all and deserves to be told and retold.”

“Many people have expressed a desire to see the play again,” said Tichelaar, “and while I hope it will someday return to the stage, I wanted to release a book version to tell more of the history behind the play and allow Will’s story to continue to inspire us.” The newly released book includes the entire script of the play, photos from the original production, sheet music of songs from the performance, numerous historical photographs, extensive commentary on the history behind the play, and an essay by director Moire Embley.

The book version of Willpower is now available in local bookstores and gift shops and online through Tichelaar’s website at www.MarquetteFiction.com. A DVD of the original performance is also available at the Marquette Regional History Center’s gift shop.

About the Author

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., is a seventh generation Marquette resident devoted to capturing the past through his books. He is the author of the popular history book My Marquette and nine novels, including The Marquette Trilogy and The Children of Arthur series. In writing Willpower, Tichelaar grew to feel a special kinship with Will Adams, who shared his passion for literature, and with Norma Ross, who was friends with his great-grandmother.


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