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U.P. Reader -- Issue #2

U.P. Reader — Issue #2

The ideal time to get your copy of U.P. Reader #2 is at the book launch which is happening at the UPPAA Spring Conference on June 2nd at the Landmark Inn, Marquette.  The conference is free when you renew your UPPAA membership for 2018 at https://uppaa.org/meeting-registration/

Contributors to either Issue #1 or Issue #2 can claim a 50% off List Price discount and get FREE shipping when they pre-order their copies of U.P. Reader –AND– pick them up in Marquette on June 2nd 2018.  Hurry, coupon expires May 20th. 2018

It’s easy to do!  Just do these steps
1.  Go to http://upreader.org/publications/
2.  Select paperbacks or hardcovers, issue #1 (freighter) or issue #2 (wolf cover)
3.  Click on the floating Shopping Bag to checkout
4.  Apply coupon code SPRINGCONF
5.  Click Checkout!

These purchases are subject to MI Sales Tax on the discounted total.

 If you can’t make it to the launch event on June 2nd, write to victor@LHPress.com and I’ll provide you with an alternate coupon code for 50% off List Price and a minimal shipping charge by MediaMail delivery for small orders or UPS Ground for large orders.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the past and future issue


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Outback Art Fair is in Marquette, Michigan on the weekend of July 29-30, 2017  at Picnic Rocks.  UPPAA authors Tyler Tichelaar, Deborah Frontiera, Gretchen Preston, and Larry Buege will be signing books at the Outback Art Fair, Picnic Rocks/Shiras Park, Marquette, Michigan.  More than 100 booths were setup at last year’s fair, which features art, food, and live entertainment, according to this Mining Journal article.

Debbie Frontiera is shown below interviewed by WLUC-TV reporter Dustin Bonk for Outback 2012.

Debbie Frontiera interviewed by WLUC-TV6

Debbie Frontiera interviewed by WLUC-TV6

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Westwood Mall, Marquette Michigan

Westwood Mall, Marquette Michigan

Dear Fellow U.P. Author,

The U.P. Publishers and Authors Association, Gretchen Preston, and I would like to invite you to participate in the Second Annual U.P. Authors Day Book Fair.

Date and Time: Saturday, October 4, 2014 12 noon – 6 pm.

Where: Westwood Mall, Marquette, Michigan

Table Fee: $50

Join your colleagues to celebrate U.P. Authors Day at our book fair extravaganza! This event will be highly publicized and the Westwood Mall plans to use the table fees to advertise the event. We hope to have a large turnout of authors, last year we had twenty-three, and get a jumpstart on our holiday book sales.

Please note that you must commit to attending for six hours of the event. Registration deadline is September 19, but the sooner you register and we have a list of attendees, the sooner we can begin promoting the event and the more likely your name will be included in the promotional material.

Please let me know if you plan to attend. Attached is the form to fill out and mail along with your check to the Westwood Mall.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Also, feel free to pass on the information to any other local authors you know. Hope to see you there!

Tyler Tichelaar
President, Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association http://www.uppaa.org
tyler@marquettefiction.com or president@uppaa.org

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Nicole Fende, author of How to be a Finance Rock Star

Nicole Fende, author of How to be a Finance Rock Star

As a successful self-published author I understand your struggles and challenges.  Even the best authors in the business need outside help in putting together a quality book. This help costs money, but you can’t make money until you publish your book (or so you’ve been told).  This Catch-22 is enough to discourage the most optimistic author.

There are ways to raise money before your book hits the printing press.  Leveraging my background in finance, creative right brain approach to problem solving, and personal experience I’ve created a list of 14 ways you can fund your self-published book.  This is my gift to you, one author to another.

Also checkout her podcast presentation from the UPPAA 2014 Spring Conference

  1. Sell the right to name a character in your upcoming book.
  2. For a non-fiction book sell the opportunity to be a case study in the book.
  3. Make your character development pay.  Turn your character backgrounds into short stories and sell them electronically – Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, or even through your own website.
  4. Sell your book as a series during the writing process.  Chapter 1 becomes the first episode in the series.  You build a following, earn money, and get feedback.  When the book is complete sell it in its entirety – your fan base will buy it and spread the word.
  5. Leveraging Kickstarter, Indie Go-Go or similar crowdfunding tool, you can run a pre-sale before you even type a single page of text.
  6. Get a patron.  This old world idea has resurfaced using cutting edge technology.  Visit Patreon to learn how you can attract your own patron(s).
  7. Leverage a Common Cause (Fiction) – Perhaps your book involves a Spotted Owl, and the story would help raise awareness or interest in its threatened status.  Groups working to protect the Spotted Owl may be interested in pre-ordering your book or even a straight grant to fund it.
  8. Specific Interest (Fiction) – Niche topics can be very lucrative if properly managed.  Let’s say you’re planning to write a book on vampires in space.  People who enjoy these types of books will be thirsty, no pun intended, for new literature.  Great for pre-orders and crowdfunding.
  9. Target Audience (Fiction) – Here in the U.S. there are many groups focused on literacy, particularly for children.  Finding relatable fiction for specific groups (such as Native Americans or immigrants from countries with significantly different customs) can be a challenge.  If your book includes such groups they may be interested in sponsoring your work.
  10. Leverage a Common Cause (Nonfiction) – Does your story share a person’s experience dealing with a specific challenge, such as breast cancer, alcoholism, or death of a loved one?  Groups created to address these issues should be approached for pre-orders or straight funding in exchange for a mention of their organization in the book.
  11. Specific Interest (Nonfiction) – Let’s say you are writing a book on EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), including expected results and how to select your service provider. EFT Practitioners interested in writing a chapter for you, or being included as a recommended resource in the book, may be open to paying for the opportunity.  For them it’s a way to gain credibility – just be sure you select carefully as you are hitching your reputation to theirs.
  12. Target Audience (Nonfiction) – When I was working on my first book, How to be a Finance Rock Star: The Small Business Owner’s Ticket to Multi-Platinum Profits, I wanted to include QR codes to make my book more interactive.  Pitney Bowes had recently launched a QR Code service, targeting small business owners.  I was able to approach them to trade QR Code services, as well as a sponsorship of my book launch, for inclusion in my book.
  13. Writer in Residence – Writers-in-residence programs support authors by providing a monthly stipend and paid teaching opportunities, along with the time and space to complete a manuscript.  Examples include Hugo House, Thurber House, and James Merrill House.
  14. Barter for services.  Need a graphic designer to create your book cover?  Try offering your writing services in exchange for their work.  Barter is no different than working for cash, be sure you create a contract and treat your barter client the same as any other.

Looking for even more ways to profit from your self-published book?  See how else I can help at www.TheNumbersWhisperer.com/BookProfit .

To your success & happiness –

Nicole Fende, A.S.A.

The Numbers Whisperer® 

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Donna Winters, Tyler R. Tichelaar, Jenifer Brady

Donna Winters, Tyler R. Tichelaar, Jenifer Brady

Writing Fiction: Character Development, Point of View, and Plot

UPPAA novelists Donna Winters, Jenifer Brady, and Tyler Tichelaar will discuss three major components of writing fiction—character development, point of view, and plot—including how they make decisions on these components and what is needed to make them effective. They also will share their own writing tips and experiences as well as theories about writing fiction and mistakes people should avoid when writing novels.

Click here to play the presentation using the Bandcamp Player

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Hi Everyone,
Snowbound Books

Snowbound Books

In case any of you don’t know yet, Snowbound Books in Marquette is changing hands. Longtime owner, Ray Nurmi, has sold the store to longtime employee Dana Schultz.

There will be a party at Snowbound this Saturday, April 20 from 3-6pm for everyone who wants to come celebrate, congratulate Ray on his retirement, and congratulate Dana on her new ownership.

For more information, you can visit Snowbound’s website: www.snowboundbooks.com

The Marquette Monthly also has a wonderful article about the matter at http://www.mmnow.com/mm_archive_folder/13/1303/locals.html

Maybe I’ll see some of you at the party.

Tyler Tichelaar

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Gretchen Preston

Gretchen Preston

FSCast Episode 65, March 2012

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Gretchen Preston, a UPPAA author who writes children’s books with the assistance of JAWS® screen reading software.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

Play Blindness and Low Vision Product Podcast (MP3 audio) – (April – 2012)

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